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Consortium of Indian Startups 


Encash your Equity for Growth


Provide a platform to the startup to get investment in faster and transparent terms. Providing true value to the startup and promoting them to the global front. 

No long procedures, it's simple and easy process for investors to invest in multiple startups in one go.

Investor registration 

Start investing from INR 5000 and above.

Who can be Member?

Startups from India, Singapore, USA, Canada, Malaysia, UAE, South Korea, Germany, Nepal and Japan can register with the Consortium.


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Startup Consortium

No Pitch-deck, No Business plan, No Traditional Listing to Investors

The Consortium is all about converting your equity into liquid fund. Liquidate your shares and get the best value of your hardwork and innovation. 

We shall promote your startup in our monthly e-Book "Startup Street Live" and Directory of Startup which shall be available on Amazon, TGS Store and other 46 platforms across 56 countries.

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