Consortium of Investors 


Invest in Unlisted Shares, AIF-2 (Real Estate) and Startups 


Provide investment opportunity to the investors to access the less explored investment opportunities. 

We offer only few but the best and the high probability investment opportunity in collaboration or as a partner of the companies.

Investor Registration

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Top Handpicked Unlisted Stocks of the Week (15 Feb - 20 Feb)

Offering  as Partner

Hero Fincorp

Hero FinCorp limited, incorporated in December 1991 as Hero Honda FinLease Limited

HDB Financial

HDB Financial Services Limited, incorporated in 2007, is the 6th largest non-deposit taking NBFC in India.

Studds Accessories

Studds Accessories limited, incorporated in the year 1983 is World’s largest two-wheeler helmets manufacturer.

Care Health Insurance

Care Health (Previously Religare Health) Insurance,  is a SAHI and ranks number 6 overall and number 3 in GDP.

Alternative Investment Fund (Category II)

Alternative Investment Fund or AIF means any fund established or incorporated in India which is a privately pooled investment vehicle which collects funds from sophisticated investors, whether Indian or foreign, for investing it in accordance with a defined investment policy for the benefit of its investors.

Category II AIF – AIFs which do not fall in Category I and III and which do not undertake leverage or borrowing other than to meet day-to-day operational requirements and as permitted in the SEBI (Alternative Investment Funds) Regulations, 2012. [Ref. Regulation 3(4)(b)]. Various types of funds such as real estate funds, private equity funds (PE funds), funds for distressed assets, etc. are registered as Category II AIFs.

Salient features of Category II AIF:

  • Registration of AIF II scheme is valid until wound up or by passing a resolution by 75% of the investors (in value) or if the Board finds it in the interest of investors

  • AIF can apply for change in category under which it has been registered until it has not made any investment but if it has raised funds from the investors then AIF is obligated to intimate the investors. Along-with intimation, AIF must provide an option to investors for withdrawal of funds

  • AIF II can launch various close ended schemes only with minimum tenure of 3 years. Minimum corpus under each scheme shall be INR 20 crores

  • Maximum number of members allowed are 1,000 but in case if AIF is a Company, it must abide by the Companies Act and thus, number of members shall be restricted to 50

  • AIF being privately pooled vehicles are not allowed to make invitation to public. Minimum investment from investor will be INR 1 crore. However, the limit shall be INR 25 lacs for an employee or director of AIF

  • Sponsor / designated partner / manager / director is required to hold continuing interest in AIF being 2.5% of the corpus or INR 5 crore whichever is lower

  • AIF II are permitted to invest overseas up to 25% of the investible funds in one investee and overall capping of USD 500 million

  • Units of AIF II may be listed with minimum lot tradable of INR 1 crore post closure of the scheme / fund

  • AIF II may invest in associate subject to 75% approval of the investors by value

  • AIF II may borrow funds only for the purpose of day to day operations i.e. meet the temporarily funding requirements. Borrowing shall be for max period of 30 days and only on 4 occasions during a year. Maximum amount that can be borrowed is 10% of the investible funds

  • AIF II is required to obtain valuation every 6 months by an independent valuer and this tenure could be 1 year if 75% of the investors in value agree

  • AIF can accept joint investors for the purpose of investment of not less than INR 1 crore from

a. An investor and his / her spouse

b. an investor and his/her parent

Opportunity with the Consortium of Investors

The Consortium is bringing the Real Estate Developers, Consultants and Investors together to form the Trust for AIF-2 which allows upto 1000 members. The larger the group: lesser the risk and higher the benefit. 

The Consortium has partnered with larger Real Estate businesses which also offer individual investment opportunity. 

Who can be Member?

Individual with good income, investors, VCs, Angel Investors from India and abroad.

Man on a Balcony

Startup Consortium

No Pitch-deck, No Business plan, No Traditional Listing to Investors

The Consortium is all about providing you opportunity to invest in multiple startup by buying their equity under SAFE and direct methods. 

Save taxes on DIPP approved startups.