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Author & Founder of 12 companies

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Mentor Profile

Bhushan is an Author, Mentor, Teacher, Entrepreneur, Researcher, and Design Thinker. His journey starts at beautiful rich green hill-station, Ahwa, a small town of Gujarat State. He started his career as a Professor earning $800 a year and spending $ 200 on books and magazines. 



He has founded & mentored more than 18 companies: TGS Frequency, TGS Center, Billion $ Entrepreneurship Program, Childselfy Technologies Pvt. Ltd, TrioNests, Photmatics Phototronics Pvt. Ltd., BKesar Micro Technologies Pvt. Ltd., AgroIncube, Tourinfowale, Nexushike, and other. 


In technology, he has contributed by designing PC-Bot: the World’s First Robotic Ultrabook:, Robot Employees: Office Automation Digital Robots, and Thinker: Business Automation Robot. He has expertise in RPA, AI, ML, IOT, SPA & Augmented Intelligence. 


As a creative being, he has published books: “Are You Sure? A Story of Aesthetic World”, “Boogle You in Google Eye”, “Sculpturist”, “Laugh at the Page” and other books in communication area.


He has degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Master in Arts and Ph.D. in Mass Communication. 


He has defined 16 areas of entrepreneurs’ life and developed finest methods to live the life of abundance in each life areas. His upcoming book, “Blank Spot in Business” is a result of five years elaborative research on Barter Age to Present Age   focusing on MONEY and VALUE System. 

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December 08, 2019


Achieve Higher Entrepreneurial Frequency

Your way of managing routine life will change forever. The program shall take you to the adventurous inner journey and teach you the master ways to achieve desired goal through singularity.


December 19, 2019

Billion $ Entrepreneurship Program

Only 5 Entrepreneurs a year gets selected for the program of 180 days. It guarantees selected entrepreneur to transform their Business to valuation of $ 1 billion within 10 years. 

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January 16, 2020


Self-Mentoring Program for 

6F is a self-mentoring program for entrepreneurs to make life easier and better by focusing on 6F: Finance, Fitness, Family, Fun, Friends and Faith.

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